Silicon Valley’s Peel acquires part of Fission Labs Cloud R&D division

Peel Technologies, USA has formally announced the acquisition of a part of our Cloud R&D division, which will now become Peel, India to the world. The team acquired was exclusively working on Peel's Smart TV remote solution. This announcement showcases our capabilities in building scalable cloud-based applications, web, mobile and testing services.
News of the acquisition was widely covered by the print and online media across the world.

Business World:
TV-Remote App Startup Peel To aquire part of Fission Labs

Silicon Valley-based TV-Remote app startup Peel will be acquiring the Cloud R&D division of Hyderabad-based Fission Labs which will become Peel India.

Indian Television:
Silicon Valley’s Peel acquires part of Fission Labs Cloud R&D division

Just before the much-anticipated visit by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Silicon Valley to focus on supporting innovation & technology in India, California based company Peel has acquired the Cloud R&D division of Hyderabad-based Fission Labs, which will now become Peel India.

Economic Times -India:
Silicon Valley’s Peel buys part of Fission Labs R&D Team

Days before the much-anticipated visit by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Silicon Valley to focus on supporting innovation & technology in India, Silicon Valley based Peel, a smart remote maker, has announced they are acquiring the Cloud R&D division of Hyderabad-based Fission Labs.

Fission Labs Launches Proton Test Tools for Mobile and Web Applications

Speeds-up Software Development by Including QA/Test in Agile Sprints

July 14, 2015 – Fission Labs today announced the general availability of its Proton test tools for mobile and web applications. These powerful yet easy-to-use tools enable the inclusion of QA/Test into Agile Sprints – thus speeding-up the overall software development process.

“Fission Labs’ Proton tools are integrated into our Agile Sprints and are used in every aspect of our mobile marketing platform, from our front-end user-interface to our back-end Amazon AWS cloud application”, said Naghi Prasad, SVP of Mobile, Rakuten Marketing. “Developers use the tools to unit test their code and QA engineers use the tools to conduct system tests. We were able to innovate quickly with excellent software quality with the assistance of the Proton tools.”

“A significant challenge in Agile software development methodology is integrating QA/Test in Sprints”, said Vidyadhar Podduturi, Director Software of Fission Labs. “In a typical two-week sprint cycle, testing must be done in parallel with development – and that’s what our Proton tools enable. Our tools make the development and maintenance of regression and performance test suites much faster, enabling them to be included in sprints. This is achieved through rich supporting libraries and custom plugins which will make automation / script development configurable. Without tools such as ours, development and QA/Test must be done sequentially, one after the other, delaying product deliveries.”

The Proton tool suite includes:

Tool Capability
Distributed Performance and LoadTesting Simulates real-time loads by using multiple AWS instances distributed across the world
Disseminated Android App Testing Executes test scripts on multiple Android devices in parallel
Custom JMeter plugins Simplifies script development by making it configurable,and speeds-up validation of solutions like Big Data Analytics
API Health Check Provides a web interface to configure and simulate various API scenarios and conduct automatic health checks along with response times and data validation
Selenium Cucumber Framework integrated with Appium Behavior-driven testing framework to write test scripts with keywords (IF, THEN, WHEN, etc.) in simple English language for native iOS, Android and web applications
Selenium Webdriver Framework Custom-built library to speedup automation and support dynamic functional, link and static tests for web applications

Customers who use the Proton tools can setup the tests themselves, or use Fission Labs Professional Services to do the setup for them. In addition to testing, Fission Labs Professional Services also provides mobile and web application development services and 24x7 Amazon AWS server ops.

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