Client Brief Description

Deep Forest Media (DFM) has built one of the most comprehensive DSP (Demand-side Platform) for mobile advertisers. The self-learning DSP uses big data and machine learning. DFM targets agencies, brands and app publishers to run campaigns on their platform to drive awareness, installs or engagements.

An advertiser can create a campaign targeting multiple ad networks on the self-service portal of DFM and DFM can create campaigns on different ad networks on their behalf. The platform can then be used to track the effectiveness of the campaign followed by optimization measures. Deep Forest provides comprehensive access to campaign metrics including tracking and reporting through the entire conversion funnel across all of the exchanges, ad networks, and SSPs (Supply-side platforms) we buy inventory from.

One of the key challenges of the mobile advertising world is to ensure that tracking of user actions is effectively done without compromising on the individual identity. The user may use different devices and may log in from different locations. Using proprietary algorithms for device tracking, Deep Forest has built a robust tracking platform which ensures that the users are optimally targeted and retargeted to enhance the effectiveness of the advertiser spend and enhance the Life-Time-Value (LTV) of the user.

Client Challenges

  • • Ingesting diverse datasets at terabyte scale quickly enough for any analysis and insights to be relevant
  • • Tracking installs and user data for effective mobile advertising and attribution
  • • Build a unified campaign management platform for mobile advertising across multiple ad networks
  • • Ability to handle bidding for mobile advertisements in real-time with latencies not exceeding 100 milliseconds and Support for up to 100,000 bids per second


  • • A portal with the ability for the advertiser to create campaigns related to mobile apps, web apps and brands, view reports at different levels and measure the life-time-value of an user
  • • A tracking platform to support ingesting millions of events - including bids, wins, clicks, installs, attributions, postbacks and others.
  • • Support for DFM SDK and third-party SDKs
  • • Implemented a solution which provides a “single-view of the customer” using the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH5) stack on a multi-node cluster of EC2 instances on AWS
  • • The bidding platform is capable of support for up to 100,000 bids per second (QPS) is hosted on hosted in 2 different AWS regions to provide high-availability. The augmentation, pacing and bidding rules information is developed using an analytics base that is built with data captured, stored, and analyzed using previous bids.

Tech Stack

The tech stack primarily consists of open-source software using CDH5, Java, Python, AngularJS, Spring, Hibernate, Google Robot Framework and a host of other tools and utilities.


Fission Labs is key to our success in getting our product developed effectively. They understand product development, startups, remote teams and work hard to enable the success of our engineering efforts. They excel in scalable cloud applications & analytics. The founders of the company proactively engage in exploring win-win relationships. I have been doing offshoring for nearly 15 years and Fission Labs is, by far, the best offshore product development services provider that I have worked with – Naghi Prasad, Founder & CEO of Deep Forest Media