About the Client

Based out of Fremont, California, Inzopa is a social media platform for home buyers. Inzopa.com is essentially a one-stop shop for consumers looking to purchase their dream home. Inzopa simplifies the complicated process of financing a home. The Inzopa service connects home buyers with agents, brokers, and lenders who match their needs, and provides tools for keeping track of the whole process and communicating.

Home buyers enter information about their employment status, whether they are a first time buyer, their location, etc., and Inzopa’s engine will connect homebuyers with perfectly matched real estate team of lenders and agents that are the perfect fit for the their needs, on a secure network. Home buyers will be able to view transaction history and consumer reviews for bankers and realtors on the Inzopa platform. The service is free for consumers.

Client Challenges

Inzopa.com had 2 main challenges: Performance and Scalability.

  • People use Inzopa to search for top local mortgage brokers and real estate agents. It’s essential that pages of Inzopa.com are served extremely fast for rich user experience and high SEO results.
  • Inzopa is already processing millions in loans through its system. Founded in 2013, the company’s initial focus was the San Francisco market. The company is growing fast, and is steadily expanding to cover the entire nation.
  • As a result, Inzopa.com’s page count is growing exponentially. As of May 2015, the site has over a million pages and counting.


We identified two areas where big wins could be scored immediately with the help of AWS:

  • Content Delivery
    • Amazon CloudFront with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) enabled Inzopa.com to serve all the static files, such as JavaScript files, CSS files and selected images.
  • Rapid Development
    • Inzopa needed a platform which allowed them to repeat the cycle of -- identifying performance bottlenecks, finding and developing solutions to those bottlenecks, rigorous verification of the solutions, establishing new performance benchmarks, and finally deploying new performance improvements to production -- at a high speed necessary for a fast growing Silicon Valley startup like Inzopa.
    • Our engineering team found the ideal development and staging platform they needed in AWS by leveraging some of the most well known services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon CloudWatch.


Embracing a CDN solution comprised of Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 helped improve the average page load time of Inzopa.com, a critical performance metric for the company, by at least 30%.

We successfully deployed more than dozens of performance and scalability improvements to Inzopa.com by utilizing the AWS-based development and staging environment -- an indirect benefit of leveraging AWS.

More good news is that based on the above successful experience with AWS Inzopa has decided to migrate their entire Inzopa.com application to AWS.