Our Story

It all started seven years ago when two young entrepreneurs decided to come together to start a world class product development services company focused on delivering scalable cloud-based solutions. Today, Fission Labs is a trusted offshore technology accelerator which is fast emerging as a go-to cloud native company.

Fission Labs was established with an intent to accelerate the growth of startups in such a way that each client team developed into an independent, autonomous unit, much like in a nuclear fission process, and hence the name.

The founders realized the relevance and need for Valley culture in the Indian business setup. They started their journey with a vision to create a company that emulates not just the Silicon Valley’s culture but also its technological innovations. Sure enough, Fission Labs has successfully served dozens of start-ups and helped turn their dreams into reality. Recently, one of their customers – Deep Forest Media has been acquired by Japan’s largest e-commerce company Rakuten.

This very confidence and commitment resonates in the words of our Founder Kishore.“This has always been my dream- that we could work on world-class products right from here and that you need not be working in the Valley. Believe in the impossible has always been my motto.”

Looking into the Crystal Ball

Ever since its emergence in the late 1990s, Cloud Computing has been revolutionizing the way businesses operate and grow. The cloud offers are a wide range of business benefits such as economies of scale, higher accessibility, lower operational and capital costs, improved flexibility and streamlined processes. Suffice to say, cloud is truly amazing.

It’s a fact that cloud is here to stay and so are we. At Fission Labs, we are looking at a future where we’ll expand our reach to startups and innovation centers across the globe. While our exclusive focus so far has been to help Silicon Valley startups accelerate their product development, we’re ready to take on more challenges. We’ll do it- whatever it takes!

Client Speak

“Fission Labs is key to our success in getting our product developed effectively. They understand product development, startups, remote teams and work hard to enable the success of our engineering efforts. They excel in scalable cloud applications & analytics. The founders of the company proactively engage in exploring win-win relationships. I have been doing offshoring for nearly 15 years and Fission Labs is, by far, the best offshore product development services provider that I have worked with.”  - Naghi Prasad, CEO of Deep Forest Media, Inc.