How to better manage SCRUM – The Prologue

As technological innovations are rapidly increasing in the IT industry, it is becoming paramount to acquaint yourself with the increasing constraints and complexity in software. The perspectives adopted by people toward software development need to undergo rapid changes to fit in seamlessly with the progressing complexity.


Deep Learning

Deep Learning in Cosmetic Industry

Deep Learning has been in the limelight since a while now, and while we are constantly exploring this field, a lot of its potential is still left to be unlocked and discovered. Deep Learning is a term that is best recognised by those who have some experience working on it or researching it.


Machine Learning

Topic Modeling using NMF and LDA

Topic modeling is a statistical model to discover hidden semantic patterns in unstructured collection of documents. Large collection of documents are represented in terms of topics and topics are represented in terms of words. This Top-Down approach will help in exposing hidden insights from the corpus. In this approach, every document is a distribution of topics and every topic is a distribution of words.